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Frank was Featured in Chatham County Living Magazine

As this story illustrates, I was blessed to collaborate with some wonderful creative folks during my few short years living in Savannah, Georgia.

During breaks between history tours, as we awaited instructions from our dispatcher. a fellow conductor and I would often chat. Turns out my coworker, Stephen Prudhomme was also a prolific and talented freelance writer. Our chats evolved into an interview of sorts. Stephen transformed his notes into an article which he submitted to a popular Southern magazine.

Shortly thereafter, a local photographer called me up. Jamie Weaver, typically shoots weddings for the company she founded, DreamWeaver. Over a few conversations we arranged to meet in a peaceful and beautiful square in the historic district of Savannah. Jamie requested that I bring my little buddy Hampton and some of my paintings along.

We had a blast snapping pics In Pulaski Square. Hampton is a natural as a model and I simply followed his lead. The next day we met briefly at work so Jamie could also snap a few shots of me in my conductor uniform. Our delightful collaborations resulted in a cool photo spread and article which appeared in the Fall 2020 issue of Chatam County Living Magazine.


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