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50 Years of Painting

(In 500 Words or Less)

As a school kid, I daydreamed and doodled, in pencil and Bic ballpoint pen on my Peachy Folder. On Friday, the last hour of the last day of every school week we had art class. Saturday mornings, I watched a TV show: Learn to Draw, hosted by John Gnagy. Pencil and sketchpad ready, I drew along with my first and only real art teacher. As an artist, I am essentially self-taught.

I first began painting at 12. One afternoon my Little League game was rained out. I loved baseball! In frustration, I turned to art, cracking open a beginner paint I got for Christmas. The idea of painting terrified me. I was always drawn to nature, so naturally, for my first painting, I copied a Walt Disney animation of an otter family at play in the woods. I have no idea where my earliest works are today. 


I went to high school from 1968 - 72 and attended college from 1972 to 76. The earliest works shown here in these galleries date from the mid-70s when I was in my late teens. Looking back at these early works, two things stand out. I was profoundly influenced by nature. I vividly recall working hard to capture the true colors found in nature. My later works are considerably wilder and more vibrant.


Over 50 years, I've created hundreds of paintings. Many earlier works I sold years ago and painted well before cell phones rolled along. I have managed to digitally resurrect a few ancient polaroids. I painted in a variety of styles, virtually whatever captured my imagination went onto the canvas. The most sensible way to organize a retrospective of my work was chronological. As I uncover more early works, there will be more galleries to come with more extensive descriptions of paintings. Enjoy!

1970's Paintings

(Humble Origins in Oil)

1980's & 90's Paintings

(New Directions in Acrylic)

2000 to 2017

(Venice Beach & Beyond)

A Stint in Savannah, Georgia

(Painting the Mysterious Low Country)